Monday, August 16, 2010

School has begun.......

1 pumpkin ( Hokkaido)
6-7 Potatoes
Vegetable broth
sour cream

wash pumpkin cut up into middle sized chunks (do not peel)
peel potatoes, cut in to chunks
throw everything in the pot and cover with vegetable broth.
Simmer until soft
add minced garlic
Blend with stick mixer
Salt,& Pepper to taste
Fresh parsley
before serving add sour cream.

You can really spruce up this recipe with all kinds of other spices, ginger, cinnamon or cayenne pepper. 
Serve it with croûtons or French bread

1 pumpkin makes tons of soup so make sure if you don't eat the first day that you freeze it. It doesn't hold very well in the fridge.  If I reheat it I always put a little milk in it that makes it creamy.

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