Thursday, August 12, 2010

DIY Fairytale Bed

I have always wanted a Canopy Bed so this weekend I decided to do it.
All it took was plastic pipe and Curtains that I bought at Ikea for 3,99 so all in all it cost me about 15,00 Euros to do it. The most expensive part was the the little lights that I absolutely had to have.
I hooked it up with little hooks in the ceiling.  Seeing as I have a slanted ceiling I had to measure it pretty close but I think it turned out great.
I painted the wall Aqua instead of the weird color I had going on before.( I tried to mix it myself not a good idea) It was supposed to be a tea rose.....So did not happen

See how boring it was??? Yuck


Your Holiness Queen Tatahanna said...

Don't know why the writing changed I am a newbie so bear with me.

Anonymous said...

You are very creative and I am always amazed at you!
Love Dad

Anonymous said...

You could also open a catering business :-).
Love Mom

kerry said...

We obiously think alike. I had the very same idea before I stumbled upon your site! Lol. The thing that's stumping me is where I can get the corner peces that will match the circumference of my metal poles. :( I'll have to keep looking, I suppose. But huge gratz on accomplishing yours! It looks so dreamy! xxx

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