Friday, August 13, 2010

Creamy Salmon Spaghetti

Ok not much going on in the creativity department today I had lots of errands to run seeing as the first day of school is on monday.
But I did make a gift basket for a Birthday and I figured I would put in the recipie for Spaghetti with Salmon cream sauce.

1 Pack spaghetti noodles
400gr Salmon
750 ml Cream
Cinzano Vermouth
Tomato Paste

Cook your noodles drain and set aside
Cut up Salmon

Put in frying pan but don't fry it just get it heated 
pour a generous dash of Vermouth over it.
Pour in cream and tomato paste just enough for it to turn light pink

Serve with coarse Black pepper flakes

Done!!! Yes your kids can eat it too since the vermouth cooks and the only thing that stays is the taste. 
It has quite a few calories as does everything that tastes good.

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