Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve!!!

In Germany New Years Eve is a very big deal.  Like a huge deal. People Drink and Party but most of all they shoot fireworks like total nut bags. Some crazy people spend hundreds of Euros on rockets and fireworks. They start before it gets dark out just to see if they work right….that’s not annoying. But as soon as it hits midnight you would think someone let out all the crazies…..and my family is right smack in the middle of all that madness. We go out about 15min early and get the rockets set up and get our fireworks unwrapped so we don’t slow down at twelve when we are winging firecrackers all over the place.  silvester4
You wanna see crazy? Take a gander at this video. This was our street.
Before all the flinging Fireworks we sat down to another German Tradition….no not sauerkraut and Pork.
Raclette  What is Raclette? Find out for yourself.....
It was a fun night but I was so wore out from getting up so early that I was ready to go to bed at 9:00pm. 
Off to a new year with new resolutions and new Drama.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Unknown Things about me...wether you care or not.

1,) I was born in Stockton California,but I left there after a couple of days so I have never really been there. I heard it is the hood.

2,) I have been married once which was on of the dumber things I have ever done. 

3,)When I was in second grade I swallowed a button and panicked. I told my teacher that  was going to die but I wouldn't tell her why. My mom told me it would come out the other end. 

4,)I have two brothers and one sister. And a crap load of step siblings but I love them just the same.

5,) I am afraid of Heights.

6,) I dream in color and I talk about them while I am having them.

7,) I never shut up.

8,) My first pet was a hamster named Hammy that electrocuted himself behind the fridge. 

9,) I know all the songs from Sound of Music.

10,) I hate any kind of bug and I don't care if it gives bad Karma to kill them. 

11,) I speak two languages fluently but butcher anything in French or Spanish.

12,) I read a lot and usually more then one book at a time. 

13,) I love to buy magazines and I don't throw them away because I might need them.

14,) I love to cook and bake and if it doesn't turn out then I throw it in the trash and start over.

15,) Plastic surgery is awesome

16,) I love the Harry Potter Movies and the Books. 

17,) I love to garden but I usually lose interest halfway through and then have to force myself to harvest. 

18,) I tried skiing but after I thought I have frostbite on my chin and tried to run up the hill on skis screaming my head off I quit. 

19,) I took steno in school. I hated it and don't remember anything from that class. 

20,)  As a kid I shoved a blue bead up my nose and left it there till I had blue snot and my mom noticed it.

21,) I was afraid to get my own Ice cream from the ice cream truck. I would pay other kids to get it for me.

22,) I didn't get my driver license till I was 19. I flunked twice.

23,) I have add.

24,) I have had braces twice.

25,) I can't tell the difference between left and right but I can read upside down really well.

26,) I was the biggest New Kids on the Block fan.

27,) I love music and making my own play lists for every occasion.

28,) I will marry Orlando Bloom someday. He just doesn't know it yet.

29,) I love the ocean.

30,) My Grandfather and his Brothers were famous soccer players.

31,) I don't cry in public no matter what.

32,) I can't stand pigeons. 

33,)  I love Christmas.

34,) Chocolate covered pretzels are yummy.

35,) Other people laughing makes me laugh.

36,) I am not very coordinated.

37,) I like scary movies but only watch them during the day.

38,) My biggest accomplishment are my kids. And the fact that they are good kids even though I don't know what the hell I am doing.

39,) I have had every hair color but Black.

39,) I didn't learn to swim till I was 11yrs old. 

40,) I refuse to ride rides. Been there done that.

41,) Someday I will drive a cream colored Bug convertible with black leather interior.

42,) The only alcohol I like is Tequila.

43,) I can walk really fast.

44,) I have fat upper arms.

45,) I love shoes and I think I have pretty feet.

46,) I adore glitter and I think it makes everything glamorous.

47,) One of my favorite things to do is take a Bath and read a book at the same time.

48,) My nickname as a kids was Dubie.

49,) I hate it when you call me Julie. That's not my name.

50,) I think gay cabaret is hysterical.  And I enjoy the heck out of it.

51,) Joshua is named after the U2 album Joshua Tree and not something Biblical.

52,) I can do the running man backwards.

53,) I think womans Boxing is more fun to watch. They are brutal.

54,) I love to Bowl.

55,) I love Haunted Houses.

56,) I've seen Metallica live and I was the only one there with short hair.

57,) I love old Musicals and the music from the 20's till the 50's.

58,) I can sing like Doris Day.

59,) I have seen all 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire slayer over and over again.

60,)I love anything Vampire. TrueBlood, Twilight, Buffy, Angel, Van Helsing

61,) I love Ice Tea.

62,) I don't like to talk on the phone.

63,) I love surfing the web.

64,) I think you should always have fresh flowers in your home.

65,) I think Magicians are boring. 

66,) I have a good throwing arm.

67,) I hate to exercise.

68,) I am always right.

69,) I don't eat pizza crust or pie crust. 

70,) I always leave the last sip in my coffee cup.

71,) I love to talk smack when playing a game even if I am losing.

72,) I love candles that smell good and I always have some lit.

73,) My favorite Ice cream is Chocolate ripple.

74,) I am a crazy,rude driver that uses lot's of hand gestures to get my point across.

75,) I like to give gifts. 

76,) I take pictures of everything.

77,) I suck at taking tests and I always freak out.

78,) I wish I was taller. 

79,) I don't collect anything.

80,) I think warm milk is nasty.

81,) I have been robbed three times.

82,) I think cheaters never prosper.

83,) The Paranormal fascinates me.

84,) I think I am pretty good dancer. Of course only the bump and grind.

85,)I don't believe people that say they are happy with there body when they are fat. 

86,) I have never seen the Caribbean but that is my goal.

87,) I think people that dress up their dog have issues.

88,) I have fallen off a horse before.

89,) I can't listen to a song without singing along.

90,) I think Biography's are really interesting no matter who it is. 

91,) I think Dr, Kevorkian is a Hero.

92,) I am a total Gleek.

93,) I think I look better now then I did when I was in my twenties. 

94,) I am all for Gay and Lesbian rights. 

95,) I think flannel sheets are awesome.

96,) I think stand-up comedy has to be dirty for me to laugh out loud. 

97,) I think Tim Burton is morbid and wonderful. 

98,) I met the best man when I thought all men were a-holes. 

99,) I think the funniest thing is when people trip and fall.

100,) I am too American to be considered European and too European to be an American.  But I like the mash up. 

Wow that was weird.....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jacket for Mom

So as I mentioned before this year was a Homemade Christmas for the most part. I decided to make a long Jacket for my mom because she likes to wear sweaters around the house and they had a neat pattern in the January Issue of Burda. I went to my favorite Fabric store where I always get lucky.(Hey get your mind out of the gutter)
I decided to make a size 44 and add a couple of cm to the back and the seam allowance and it was too big. It was cozy on her but the I should have cut back a couple of cm on the shoulder and the sleeves and it would have been perfect. I sewed Satin edging on the collar to give it a nice finished seam.
Here you can see that it is brown wool with different colored threads one of them is copper metallic.
She liked it.....of course she could have just said that because I am her kid and it's her job to like what I make. :-)

It had an attached cowl neck collar so it fell really nice but let me tell you this thing needed almost 3 meters of fabric. The front pattern is all one piece with the collar so it is huge.The back part is smaller and you could probably cut in on the fold of your fabric is wide enough. I didn't I made a seam in the back. It didn't take long to sew and I can see myself making it again in Jersey for myself.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Homemade Christmas

So I am finally able to post some of the things that kept me away from Blogworld for a couple of days. Due to temporary poorness and the need to make something that for once would not be graded or picked apart I decided that sugar scrubs and Bath Bombs would be the perfect gift. So I went to town on the research and found thousands of websites that claimed to have the perfect recipe for sugars scrubs. I finally settled on Pure cane sugar scrubs.Of course I changed some things in the recipe because I can't leave well enough alone. 

I had bought some nice glasses at Ikea that were a good price and perfect for scrubs.  I started out with the Brown sugar scrub that smelled nasty due to the fact that I used Olive Oil and it was really strong and blocked out the smell of the Cinnamon,Ginger & Vanilla. The only way to fix it was to add neutral oil and about twice the amount of spices that it called for.  
But after that it was awesome......My hands smelled like Christmas Cookies. 
After that scrub turned out so well I decided to make several more with different smells and colors and they turned out wonderful as well......Of course that is the short version of the story.  The long version is that I went  to the mall to get more glasses and took a wrong turn in rush hour traffic and it took me 1 hour to get home that should have only taken 10minutes. But that is boring and has absolutely nothing to do with the scrubs. 

So if you want to make scrubs try it..... they make nice gifts.

They have all natural ingredients so you shouldn't have any skin problems but you shouldn't use it on your face seeing as sugar is too rough.  

Christmas at Moms

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmaskah everybody!!!!

Let me tell you normally I am ripping my hair out about this time trying to get everything done but not this year no sir. I am relaxed and the best part of it all I am done with everything. Yesterday we decided to go to downtown Mannheim and go to Breakfast and do last minute shopping. And it was the Main Squeezes idea which came as a shock to me seeing as he breaks out in hives every time he has to step into a store.  I am not kidding. It's Sybil scary. 
Little E and I had some quality shopping time planned but she pooped out after the 6th store. I mean seriously how tired can her 7year old legs get?
But she was a real trooper. 

During Christmas time there are always little trucks along shopping mile that sells roasted Chestnuts and I love them so when little E asked for some I got 17 so we could share. They were hot so I jammed them in my pocket on top of my cell phone which I did not realize at the time. Well after I had peeled the damn nut with one hand seeing as my other hand was full of bags she told me she didn't like them. They are too sweet!!! What! So guess who ate the whole bag? 
To come back to the cell phone, while I was in the store my phone rang and my ring tone is Dexter and set to loud as hell because I can't hear worth a crap. So as I am digging through the nuts trying to get to my phone while holding 17,0000bags in the other people are staring at me like I am a serial killer. After I got it out of my pocket the person hung up. LMAO.....Yeah gotta love those moments. 

We met up with my In-Laws at the Christmas market and had a quick Gl├╝hwein. 

It was nice to have such a fun day when I am usually all crazy by now so we decided that we are going to make this a tradition. 
Last night we wrapped the presents and got everything in the car and watched TV.

This morning I got up and looked outside and it is snowing like crazy, so we are having a white Christmas for sure. YAY!!!

A couple of months ago we had our family picture taken to give away to family on Christmas. 
The Photographer is a good friend of the Main squeeze and he takes the most amazing pictures.
Family portraits is not really his favorite thing to do and he usually photographs the rich and famous but he always takes a day out around the end of the year and takes  portraits for his friends. We always tell him we want something fun and not stiff and posed. He always gets it just right. 
So if you are ever in need of awesome pictures check him out.


Have a Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten.......


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ice candles

So I was checking out some crafty sites and I stumbled across these really cool ( pardon the pun) candle holders made of ice. I decided it's cheap so thats right up my ally and I tried it.
I got out every cake pan that I could find and got to filling. The ones that they showed on Better Homes and Garden were of course filled with berries and holly but I didn't want to overdo it on my first try so I went for solid ice.
I used a loaf pan and put two glasses in them to keep holes for the candles.

I really like how they turned out and I will definitely make them again. Maybe with berries the next time since I am feeling confident now. I just hope nobody steps on them and kills themselves walking down the steps.

They are really easy and look gorge.......don't you think?

Thursday, December 16, 2010