Monday, July 7, 2014

Donut Pillow

I found this really cool pillow on A Beautiful Mess and I knew that my Daughter would love it, so today I decided to sew it.
I used an Ikea mirror to make my template and freehanded the frosting part, but the next time I make one I will make it a little skinnier so it doesn't cover up the donut part too much. Being this is my first donut pillow,  I love it!
I used the fleece for most of it, including the sprinkles.
I think I am going to make a cream-filled donut next and maybe a cupcake; who knows. They were fun to make and the kids love them.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Things I learned

This week has been pretty quiet around here, but of course, I didn't use that time to get stuff done; I used it to get nothing done and instead layed around and played games, wrote my blog and did laundry.
So this week I learned a couple of things as always:

1)  I am deathly afraid of anything that is an insect; I was driving home from the toy store yesterday when I saw something fly through the car and I thought it was Mia's toy that broke. I thought a piece of the toy hit me but when I looked down at my leg I saw, instead, that  it was a huge-ass bumblebee.
I know that they don't sting but to me, if it flies, it has to die and if it lands on me then all hell will break loose.  Unfortunately I was in the car driving about 80kph so there was nothing I could do, except start crying and hyperventilating. Mia looked at me like I was losing it (which I was) while I was telling her everything is ok and that we will be home soon. Meanwhile, I am looking down at that fuzzy demon from hell, inching its way up my leg.
I drove home in orderly fashion, jumped out of the car and started jumping up and down so it would fall off but it didn't! So now I am screaming and leaning against the car yelling, "It won't come off"!!!! The neighbors probably thought I was nuts, but I didn't care at this point; they are used to me, anyway. I finally went back to the car, where Mia is ignoring me, and I grabbed her little pony package and scraped the bee off me. I am a total dork and I am aware that I should probably have myself checked out after this episode.

I bought myself a treat the other day and yesterday after I took my nap and woke up in need of a sugar rush I opened it and stuck a piece in my mouth.
I didn't like it at all, even though I love sweet and salty but this was just blah; if anybody wants it come over, it's still in the fridge minus 2 pieces I had to really make sure I didn't like it.

3) I went to the grocery store really early this week because I have to share a car right now, seeing as the Dinosaur is broke down. As I was sitting in an empty parking lot waiting for the doors to open, I watched the people that came after me and I guess couldn't wait for the store to open because they grabbed a cart and stood in front of the door like a bunch of weirdos.
These are the same people who run to the front of the bus while it's still moving, get up and start pulling out their carry on while the plane is still rolling, and hit you in the back of the legs with their shopping cart while you are in line.
People, you need to calm your tits because everybody else hates you!
One of these people ran and grabbed 4 boxes of wine so I can understand that person -- she probably has kids -- but the rest of these clowns need pills. 

4) I learned that 150 euros are 115 Pounds. I had to get money for Joshua's school trip next Saturday at 3am to London. Yes, you read that correctly; they are leaving at 3am to fly out of Stuttgart at around 7am. Those poor teachers are going to be drinking by noon -- I know I would be. 

5) My child has now entered the stage of saying "NO" to every damn thing you say, do, or insinuate and it is almost as annoying as the people who stand in front of the store with their carts. I'm kidding it's way worse
It's so funny how that works: when you have bigger kids and then a little one comes along years later and you kind of forgot all the annoying shit that kids do, you forget about their unrolling half a toilet paper roll in the bathroom or washing their hands and leaving the water on forever. Or, my favorite one is peeing somewhere while potty training and then you have to go searching for where they did it. 

6) I learned that if you take a kiddie pool and cover up your grill with it for 6 months and then clean it off and fill it, your kid will have fun all day and make you get in it with all your clothes on.

7) I learned that my brother looks like an ugly Olivia Newton John in a headband and that he wants me to call him "Oh knowledgeable One". 
I think he will have to wait a while for that and I sure as hell am not going to come if he calls me Grasshopper. 

8) If I let Mia sit in the front of the car she wants to hold my hand while I'm driving; I really love that.

9) I like sleeping on the couch right now because I can blast the fan on myself and sleep with a blanket, which Christopher can't handle.
Mia likes it, too.
Yes I am reading Twilight again; I felt like reading a book in paper and not on my ipad -- don't judge.

10) I am getting ready to go on my retreat in 11 days, and I am starting to get anxious about packing and forgetting something. One of the things that I found out is that there is no Internet where I am going. That is going to kill me for 3 weeks; what am I going to do at night when the kids are in bed?

Sayonara People

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Chanel Lipstick

I went on a trip to Barcelona and my favorite purchase was a Chanel lipstick. I have always wanted a bright red lipstick from Chanel but I was never confident to wear it till now.
Before I left for my trip, I looked at the colors on the Internet and planned out which one I was going to buy so when I walked into Sephora, I walked right up to the Chanel display and put on the one I thought I wanted. But, when I looked at myself I didn't like it; that just shows you that the Internet can't replace seeing the color on you in person.
I ended up loving the next color that I got -- #99 called pirate.
One of the first things I checked was if it made my teeth look yellow (and it didn't) but I did need to get a lip liner to go with it in case it bleeds.  I didn't get one from Chanel; I bought a different brand from Sephora that wasn't as expensive. 
While I was in Barcelona, I noticed that my lipstick stayed on forever and always felt creamy without being sticky and leaving lipstick prints on everything, but once I got back to Germany I realized that it must have been the climate there because here it doesn't stay on quite as long and I do have to reapply more often. 

Very often when I buy lipgloss or lipstick, I have the problem that the glycerin in it makes my lips dry and I end up having chapped lips. With this lipstick I don't have that problem at all and it just goes to show you, "You get what you pay for".
No matter what you are wearing or if you don't have much makeup on, as soon as you have pretty lips you look put together, unless of course you have a rats nest on your head -- then you will look like a slob with lipstick on. 
My friend, Nicole, is wearing "wonderland" lipgloss by Dior.
I suggest that if you want to buy one then definitely go try them first to see how it will look with your skin, because the Internet just doesn't do the pigmentation justice of a Chanel lipstick. Besides, you might pick up something else you like while you are at it because you can never have too much stuff to make you feel pretty. Am I right?

Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 6 and going home

On the last day we were told that we had to be out of the apartment by 11am.  We could leave our bags with our landlord till we were picked up for the airport, so that is what we did.
We all got ready and went to breakfast at Jamaica for the last time, then we dropped off the bags so we could sightsee a little more before we had to leave.
This was in the window of the swarowski store that we weren't allowed to take a picture of.
We ended up getting the rest of the souvenirs that we needed and just walking around, but it was really hot on the last day so it wasn't as nice as it had been.
We went out to lunch for the last time, to get Arabian food which is not my favorite, but the place we went to was beautiful. That made up for the fact that I ate an appetizer because that is all I could find that I would like. I'm weird like that I know.

After we picked up our bags we waited for the cab to pick us up and take us to the airport; it ended up being only 10 euros per person so that was worth it to us.
When we got to the airport and got on the plane and even had our snack food picked out, we were told that we had to get back off the plane because it was broke. Nice -- when I told my kids to let Christopher know, Enya just left him a note telling him that my plane was broke and Mom doesn't know when she will get back.
After we got on the next plane after a two hour delay, we were starving again....

We got home around midnight, which made it a long day, but it was totally worth it. 

What I learned from this trip:
I really liked all the architecture in Barcelona and there were several things that I did not get to see while there, so I will definitely go back.  I think the next time I will have a place maybe in Sitges or not so close to downtown, because I did not sleep well at all and that is just a no go for me.
I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable everything was from food to taxi; everything was a lot less than in Germany.
It was a wonderful trip, where I had a lot of fun. As friends we became closer -- you can't share one bathroom for 5 days without knowing everything about the other person, even some things you didn't need to know.
I can't wait till next year for our next girl trip.
Bye bye Barcelona

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 5

Because we partied like rockstars not really we're just old the night before, we decided to take it easy and just go to the city beach and hang out all day. This time I refused to put on sunscreen till I was there. I didn't schlepp that silly ass umbrella with us so I wouldn't jinx the trip this time even though we only had to walk.
We got there around 12 because we couldn't get out of bed earlier than that and some of us were still a little tore up from the night before.

 Nope, I did not act like a grownup once while I was on that beach.

So one of the things that I have to say about this beach is that it is not the nicest one I have ever been to, but it will do in a pinch. It's very dusty and there is a drop off into the water so you can't really walk in gradually. What I did like is that there is constantly someone walking around with ice cold mojitos and sangria. 
We ended up staying at the beach almost 6 hours just people watching and one of the things I noticed were a bunch of tweens always traveling in a pair and stopping on everyones blanket to ask them where they were from and if they wanted to party. I guess they were selling booze cruise tickets and t-shirts but, of course, we played it out in our head thinking that they belong to a sect and they are living together in a commune where they have to plant their own food and they have children with each other.
I tried to be stealthy while being a busybody, but Babette caught me and made fun of me even though that didn't stop her from asking what I had found out while eavesdropping. Whatever it is that they are involved in, I bet it's illegal because everything else would be boring.
After 6 hours of laying under our umbrellas that we rented for 6 euros for the whole day, we got dressed we took a cab back into town to watch the soccer game at the Irish pub.


I decided that because I wasn't in Germany I would root for USA, but let me tell you, that game was hard to watch and I am not surprised that Germany won. I'm just surprised that USA didn't give them the goal themselves.

Highlights of the day:
Doing absolutely nothing all day, which was nice.
Ice cold drinks on the beach
Getting a little sun

The next day we had to leave the house at 10:30 but we did shop again.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 4 Mercat de la boqueria

We started out the day like always with breakfast, shopping and sightseeing and finally got to take in some sights of Barcelona.

Babette told us about this wonderful market in Barcelona that only sells food and drink and because favorite hobby is eating, I was really excited to go there.
To say it was packed is an understatement. Between holding my purse tight and trying to see everything, I was busy but I did get to start the whole thing off by going to the bathroom then eating a donut at Dunkin Donuts. In Barcelona, they do not have public restrooms and most of the times they only have one bathroom for the whole restaurant and that is for both men and women. So if you want to use the restroom you have to buy something, hence the donut!
After the delicious donut that cost me 1,70 we went directly to a fruit stand that was selling large cups of fruit for 2 euro. We got mangos and strawberries and chowed that down.
The way this place is set up is like a maze, so we just started going up and down and across so we could see everything.
This place is crazy! You just don't know where to look first and some of the stuff they display is downright nasty but most of what you see is delicious and very, very expensive. I saw a big stand that has the most beautiful chocolates displayed but when I saw that they wanted 68 euros for a pound of Florentinas I said, "No thank you!"
There were several stands where you could have them cook for you, but with 5 of us there was no way we were going to find a place to sit down, so we just gawked at peoples' plates and kept on going. 

By the way, you can also see that we were already shopping before we came so we had to watch those bags like a hawk, too. I just kept seeing myself chasing down a mugger while stepping on my dress and my boobs falling out. 
After we passed most of the stands people were starting to close shop and clean, so there was fish water all over the floor and other nasty stuff. We decided to go get something to eat and out of all the wonderful things that they sold there, I picked the most disgusting meal and paid 10 euros for it! 
It said "organic" on the front but what I got was neon colored rice, so I think that these Spaniards were full of shit.
That, my friends, is supposed to be an "effing" taco; instead, it looks like the rainbow threw up on my plate. 
I had so many things to choose from and I got this?  Made me want to smack myself in the face!
After we left and walked out of the marketplace, we saw Marilyn Monroe dancing by herself on a balcony and next to it her was an erotic museum. 
We finally headed back to our place to get ready for our Rumba and Sardine night. Babette found this place on the Internet and it was a total insider tip that no one knew about except for a select few.  What we didn't realize at the time was that we were going to be the only foreigners there since this was as secret as a "secret knock".
In typical girl fashion, we debated on what to wear and finally decided to get semi-dressed up because it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed. 
So, let me tell you about this incredible place that is in the middle of nowhere and not even the taxi driver knew where it was:
When you get there, you hike up a small hill and see picnic tables and beer cases to sit on. There is a view of the docks and you see the planes passing by; it smells like pine because it is in the middle of the woods and for the first time in days, we had quiet. 
We paid 25 euros for 3 bottles of wine and all-you-can-eat fish, bread and olives and everything was so good that I ate till I wanted to explode. 

Just so you understand how crazy it was that we were there: the band played a song for us and made us dance in front of everybody else because we were the Alemania Chickas!!!
So. we danced and everybody danced with us and it was really special and something I will remember forever. 
At the table next to us, there were 5 women who were dancing their asses off and when I gave them the thumbs up, I got yanked off my beer crate and was forced to shake my rump, and boy did I!
And then something hilarious happened. The girls that I had been dancing with asked me in English if I was german and when I said "yes",  Maria answered me in perfect German. LOL!  The world is a strange and very small place and meeting the Spanish equivalent to the gossip girls was awesome.
So, let me tell you what fish, dancing and three bottles of wine can do to you:


It was a fantastic night that I can't wait to repeat, but I can't tell you where we went because it's top secret and only a select few are allowed to know about it.

Highlights of the night:
Carlos the taxi driver drove a cab that smelled like strawberry shortcake
Random dude going down the hill in the middle of the night on a skateboard
I found the skirt I had been hunting for at a great price and it feels like I am wearing a cloud.
I gave a radio interview and said the word amazing about 20 times in 5 sentences; that dude probably thought I was on crack but it ended up being our favorite word.
The Barcelona Gossips gave us a ride back down the hill, and then Nicole forced everyone to take a picture that she kept calling, at the top of her lungs, a "selfie"!

The next day we decided to go to the city beach and watch the horrendous USA-Germany World Cup Soccer game.